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Classmates in the Library

ByWomen4Women - Mentors

Portrait of Smiling Businesswoman

Isabel Fernández

Specialises in digital transformation, offering guidance to women navigating the complexities of the tech space.

Portrait of an Attractive Senior Woman
Finance Assistant Portrait
Beautiful Portrait

Sophie Dubois

Clara Rossi

Aisha Patel

A finance executive with a knack for strategic planning and empowering female leadership in business.

Renowned for her expertise in marketing strategies and commitment to mentoring emerging female entrepreneurs.

A tech entrepreneur with a strong background in AI innovations, dedicated to mentoring women in tech with a focus on inclusivity and breaking barriers.

Woman's Portrait

Annika Svensson

A serial entrepreneur with a focus on sustainable business practices and female empowerment.

Senior Woman
Female Entrepreneur

Eva Müller

Fatou Ndiaye

Giulia Bianchi

An experienced tech start-up founder passionate about fostering innovation and diversity in the tech industry.

A dynamic leader in social entrepreneurship, champions sustainable development and female empowerment, guiding female founders through the challenges of start-up growth and social impact.

A creative industry guru, helping female founders bring innovative ideas to market with a blend of creativity and business acumen.

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