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Three Fall 2016 start-up projects win Venture Kick stage 1


"Four novel startup projects won the first stage of Venture Kick recently. They will receive CHF 10'000 each, as well as hands-on execution support at the kickers camps, before competing on the second stage of Venture Kick. If they succeed, they will receive an extra CHF 20’000 to help them grow a thriving business."

TWIICE (EPFL) – Medtech, robotics: Between 125’000 and 250’000 people suffer every year from spinal cord injury leading to a permanent paraplegia. TWIICE is a modular and customizable exoskeleton for walking assistance that allows paraplegics to regain independence in their daily activities. The device was designed to meet a variety of pathologies, symptoms, morphologies, and expectations.

IbtiCare (EPFL) - Medtech: IbtiCare has invented an innovative antibacterial technology based on Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). The cutting edge technology can coat many surfaces with advanced nanoparticles and make them antibacterial against all types of dangerous bacteria. From many aspects, the solution is superior compared to the current antibacterial methods.

Nextep (HEIG VD) – Medtech: Nextep is working to provide the ortho-prosthetic world with new integrated hardware and software for the production of prosthetic limb components. The startup goal is to revolutionize prosthetic liner manufacturing by bringing digitalization and 3D printing technologies to the prosthetics industry. Through an innovative 3D scanning concept, a custom software and a 3D printer, Nextep aims at significantly reducing the prosthetics production costs while increasing the quality and comfort of the finished product. This solution also has the advantage to increase productivity and to empower over-stretched technicians with the ability to design bespoke prosthetic parts, through enhanced capabilities.

More information about the Venture Kick competition : click here

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