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Five alumni on the cover of Agefi!

It was an exciting morning for the team when we came across five Business Concept Training alumni in the famous Swiss newspaper, Agefi. These five teams will soon take off for Boston to meet investors and plan a future expansion during ten days, thanks to the program Ventureleaders. It a unique opportunity to make key contacts for scaling internationally!

Making up half of the group, let's have a look at the start-ups they founded:

Haya Therapeutics, represented by Samir Ouzain, fall 2017 session:

Heart failure as a consequence of myocardial fibrosis is the world’s biggest killer and represents a significant unmet medical need. No therapies currently exist that either directly target the heart or the fibrotic process itself. They have discovered a heart specific regulator of fibrosis – the long noncoding RNA, Wisper. By using their first-in-class proprietary approach to target Wisper, they are able to block myocardial fibrosis and treat heart failure in pre-clinical animal models.

EBA-Med, represented by Adriano Garonna, spring 2017 session:

Develops innovative solutions for non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias by using proton beams (external beam ablation). The proton beam mimics the effect of an invasive manual catheter procedure requiring many hours from specialized staff.

Artiria, represented by Guillaume Petit-Pierre, spring 2015 session:

Develops a disruptive medical device allowing neuroradiologists to navigate in brain arteries three times faster and safer than any other available solution. With this system the surgeon can steer the device head in real time which improves outcomes of stroke-related procedures.

Nagi Bioscience, represented by Matteo Cornaglia and Laurent Mouchiroud, spring 2015 session:

The first Organism-on-Chip technology, which combines the use of a simple yet complete organism for in vivo testing – the tiny worm “Caenorhabditis elegans” – with the first technological platform for its fully automated in vitro handling, culture and analysis.

Swiss Motion Technologies, represented by Kevin Mamalis, fall 2016 session:

Devises revolutionary manufacturing techniques that allow the production of high quality tailored prosthetics at low cost for the first time. Amputees experience true comfort, drastically reducing the pain they are used to endure.

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