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Alumni meet-up party: Success of the projects!

June 11th, 18:30, Alois Zwinggi, member of the managing board of the World Economic Forum is talking. Social entrepreneurship is now a key driver of innovation, and his talk contributes to prove that, the social enterprise is the center of the sustainability that everyone is promoting nowadays. This talk probably had a huge impact, especially on the students that attended the social entrepreneurship special class of this semester.

200 people religiously listening and paying a full attention to his talk, but everyone has in mind the progress pitch competition that is coming, by the Business Concept Alumni. 18 start-ups will compete to show, in a short time, what they do and how they grow since they follow the Business Concept training. A few of them are into social entrepreneurship, the others are revolutionising a market, but all of them definitely progress a lot since they attended the BC class. Winners: hiLyte, Rea, Allure Sauvage, and Urbio.

This alumni party was also the occasion for last sessions classes to meet again, discussing entrepreneurship around a glass of wine and a piece of gruyere.

Thank you to all the participants!

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