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The start-up Caulys released their urban farms at EPFL

July 10th, the alumni start-up Caulys released their urban farms at EPFL. The Master projects from Gregoire and Tom is now in action! Their cages, small indoor farms, are beautiful along the stairs next to the cafeteria of the CO building. They glow with their natural wood and the soft light that the LED produce. The gentle and soft melody generated by these indoor farms is reminiscent of the sea waves, which is ideal for de-stressing before an important exam.

As a reminder, these farms save 95% of water compared to conventional farming thanks to an integrated circuit. The carbon footprint is also a positive aspect of these boxes, because transport and plastic are no longer part of the process to access these plants.

This project is part of a bigger project of collaboration between different actors: EPFL Sustainability, the Masters programs, EPFL Innovation Park, the labs, and many more. EPFL Sustainability, with their program Act For Change Lab, allowed the start-up to create this "EPFL + Caulys" project. The Master program of EPFL and the Foundation EPFL Innovation Park that welcome, host, and help these projects by providing them coaches, working places at La Forge and many more events or workshops. Moreover, one of the cofounder added to his Mechanical Engineering Master a training by Innosuisse called Business Concept in order to get all the tools needed to launch a start-up in the best possible way.

Congratulations to the Caulys team who worked hard to have these first models on this EPFL campus, and we look forward to seeing the plants growing as fast as the start-up!

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