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FluoSphera, Innosuisse Business Concept Alumni, Receives CHF 1.1 Million Grant for Drug Discovery Innovation

FluoSphera S.A., an Innosuisse Business Concept Spring 2020 alumnus, has secured a CHF 1.1 million grant from Innosuisse for a collaborative innovation project with EPFL and the University of Geneva. This grant supports their two-year research project (total budget CHF 2.3 million) to develop advanced drug testing assays using human 3D models for more accurate drug efficacy and safety predictions.

The project aims to refine drug discovery processes, increasing the likelihood of successful clinical trials and reducing costs and time. FluoSphera's partnership with Professors Gerardo Turcatti of EPFL and Aurélien Roux of the University of Geneva will focus on high-content screening calibration and the validation of market-ready services.

FluoSphera's venture is grounded in Switzerland's conducive business climate and robust biotech sector. With this funding, FluoSphera reinforces its commitment to advancing bioscience while minimizing animal testing. The company plans to offer its innovative drug testing services to the pharmaceutical industry globally.

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