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Future of health grant to kick your digital health start-up ?

Updated: Jan 29

The Future of Health Grant programme to support innovation in digital healthcare has entered the next stage. The 7 new start-ups selected from among 96 applications will benefit from funding and know-how to help them accelerate solution development. A whole ecosystem of partners and experts in digital healthcare is emerging at EPFL Innovation Park. CSS continues to advance its work on innovation for more efficient healthcare.

The second group of start-ups was presented on Thursday, 9 February, by the co-initiators of the Future of Health Grant, CSS and EPFL Innovation Park, as well as the programme partners.

7 new start-ups to shape the future of healthcare

The Future of Health Grant has selected 7 start-ups from among the 96 applications it received. Enabling them to develop their solutions faster, they will benefit from financial support ranging from CHF 10,000 to CHF 50,000, as well as tailor-made coaching and mentoring services in business and digital healthcare.

Selected start-ups (support level 1: 1-5; support level 2: 6-7)

  1. e.rupt: app for overcoming erectile dysfunction (Zurich)

  2. HappyGrandy: platform for seniors to video call easily with their existing TV (Neuchâtel)

  3. HealthMe: better healthcare thanks to improved patient-doctor communication (Martigny)

  4. Longevity Hub: app empowering healthy ageing thanks to a healthier lifestyle (Lille, France)

  5. Onescope: digital stethoscope for real-time diagnosis (Geneva)

  6. platform to recruit cancer patients for relevant clinical trials (Zurich)

  7. YLAH (*): app enabling continuing psychotherapy between sessions (Bern)

(*) moving from level 1 to level 2

An ecosystem of partners to accelerate innovation

Pooling experience and ideas speed up innovation. Nowhere is this truer than in healthcare, where the problems differ significantly from one player to the next, and all within a complex regulatory framework. The Future of Health Grant programme creates and grows an ecosystem of experts. All of the parties in the healthcare system, whether large or small, recent arrivals or long-established, are invited to participate in open and honest discussions beyond regular business, to achieve pragmatic and effective services and patient care. CSS and EPFL Innovation Park firmly believe in a joint effort to create the health solutions of the future.

The Future of Health Grant’s committed partners will share their expertise with our startups. To date, these are Vaudoise Insurance, which awards an additional “mental health” prize, Pfizer, La Source School of Nursing, Microsoft Health, Takeda, Zühlke, HE-ARC, Publicis Sapient, and Hôpital de la Tour.

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